About Masters

Masters Synthetic Oil Solutions is an international distributor for a full line of synthetic compressor lubricants used in natural gas, air, and specialty gas compression industries. Our products include custom blended highly refined hydrocracked lubricants for light hydrocarbon and inert gases. Full synthetic polyalkylene glycol (PAG), polyalphaolefin (PAO), polyester (POE), and diester lubricants used in refrigeration, processing, and heavy hydrocarbon applications.

Our lubricants are suitable for use in rotary screw, reciprocating, blower, and liquid ring compressors. Services include lubricant selection before the sale, used oil analysis, lubrication training for technical and application staffs, and lubrication problem solving support before and after the sale. Our flexibility with our manufacturers allows us to engineer the best solution for your application.

“Masters Process Equipment Company is dedicated to maintaining outstanding customer service and ensuring quality workmanship and reliability in all of our products.”

Engineered Solutions

Masters Synthetic Oil Solutions is focused on delivering the most effective and reliable equipment for our customers' process solutions. Combining our extensive experience in the application of major equipment and expertise in synthetic oil solutions brings you superior results in fulfilling your requirements.

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